Practical Uses Of Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an important part of any pencil box. People need then for different reasons. They are used in schools, colleges and universities alike. They are also used in offices and other places. They are a part of office stationery and are just as important as pens and pencils. They are often sold by the dozen. A bundle of sticky notes weighs a little over five grams. A single pack of sticky notes weighs even less. It weighs as little as one to two grams. This is because mostly, sticky notes are made of paper or another similar material. Paper is very lightweight and even bundles of paper weigh very little. This is what makes sticky notes so convenient to use. This is what has made them so popular. They have virtually replaced half a dozen different stationery items from offices. They can be used in the place of highlighters.

They serve the same purpose yet occupy a smaller space. They are also cheaper than highlighters. Sticky notes weigh a lot less than highlighters. A sticky note weighs five to ten times less than a normal highlighter. They are cheap and inexpensive. They can be recycled as well. Even as waste, they take up a very small amount of space. Sticky notes can be washed and reused. The fact that they are made of paper means that they are biodegradable. They can be used with other waster papers for recycling purposes. Go here  for more information about fast business cards. 

Wasted sticky notes are very useful. They can be sold as scrap for a large amount of money. They usually sell for five to six dollars a pound. For better quality sticky notes this rate can be even higher. The thicker a sticky note. The better quality it will be. Most sticky notes are shaped as rectangles. The rectangles can be either note like boxes or they can be like strips. Long stopped sticky notes are more popular. This is because they are smaller yet serve the same purpose.

Sticky notes have a small part that sticks to paper. It can also sticky to other things such as wood, plaster or walls. It can even stick to smooth surfaces such as glass or plastic. They can be used for books and reminders alike. They save a lot of time by mentioning the pages where the important information is. You do not have to check the entire book when trying to find the important bits. You can simply switch over to the page that has a sticky note on it. Sticky notes can also be used on fridges. They can be useful for reminding people to do their work. The instructions can be written on a sticky note and it can be stuck on a fridge door for people to notice.